Write a Letter

Wheat letters are a big part of every TEC weekend. We encourage you will take a few minutes to encourage the retreatants of our next retreat by writing a quick letter.

  1. Try to keep your letter fairly brief.
  2. Include any personal sacrifice you may be making for them (i.e. extra prayer, act of service, donating to a charity, etc.) and, of course, tell them how much they mean to you and why.
  3. Remind the recipient that:
    • In order to get the most out of their retreat, they should be open to God and to others.
    • They should be patient with themselves.
    • That dying to things in our lives in order to live for Christ is a lifelong, fruitful process. One step at a time…
    • They have people on the weekend (and outside the weekend) who are there to help them.